Create. Produce. Distribute.

edDesk is the ultimate "editor's desk" – it makes life easy for anyone who has to write, edit, produce and distribute content for multiple media and audiences efficiently and cost-effectively.

edDesk is a cross-media content creation, production and publishing management solution, built on XML and open-standards, and based on the separation of content and presentation. It's available on two major platforms – Microsoft Windows Server and .Net, and IBM Websphere/Domino and J2EE – and is available as packaged software or as a hosted application.

Whether you need to get your message across in print, on the web, through PDFs, email newsletters, XML, syndication, databases, PDAs or pocket PCs, it gives you a single, easy-to-use system that can streamline and automate production for them all.

Created by media people, for anyone who needs to work with media, edDesk let's anyone publish like a pro, whether a team of one, or of a thousand and one.

Teamwork. Together. On Time.

edDesk makes it easy for teams to work together on planning, writing and preparing content. It helps give your content an appropriate structure, makes it easy to classify and categorise, and works with you to take your content through a structured workflow, to ensure that it's been through appropriate quality control and approvals.

Popular. Open. Standards.

edDesk uses popular, open standards. It runs over the Internet using a web browser interface. It's based on XML, with a powerful built-in XSLT based template and scripting system, and it integrates with .Net and J2EE development environments - providing a full featured and platform-neutral content management system for web application development, print and electronic media output, third-party syndication and much more. And if you need to extend what edDesk can do, or integrate your content with other applications and platforms, there is an entire global community of developers and vendors who can work with edDesk templates and scripts.

Browse. Search. Archive.

You know the information you need is out there. But with files dispersed across email inboxes, personal folders, local hard drives, website, databases, floppies and zip disks, the question is where? With edDesk finding the content you need is easy. And not just the content itself; background information, interview, research and meeting notes, everything to do with your content is stored and organised with your content. With edDesk you can search for text wherever it appears with a powerful and full-featured search engine. It helps you apply and manage classification systems, whether in-house or public, so you can browse through content by topic and subject area. And it automates archiving, export, and re-use of content, or making it accessible to your portal or website searches.

Monitor. Manage. Moderate.

edDesk brings together everyone on a team to put them "on the same screen". You can see who is working on what, and where they're up to in the process. It makes it easy for team members to focus on just the work they have to do or tasks that require their attention. And because it runs over the Internet, it brings together distributed workforces, so you can tie together team members working on the road, from home or remote locations, and allow external contributors, freelancers, partners or clients to be fully and seamlessly involved in the content management process. Just as importantly, edDesk controls access and security, making sure that only the right people can see or edit appropriate content at the right times.

Production. Workflows. Approvals.

Don't have time to implement a comprehensive workflow system or think it's all too hard? edDesk does it for you. It's like a factory conveyor belt for the creative process. Copy is automatically stepped through a best-of-class workflow process. It takes you from the initial concept, through briefing and assignment to authors, writing and submission, editing, subbing and proofing, and then layout and design. The workflow is customized for your environment and needs, allowing everyone to see where any given element is up to in the content life-cycle. It gives you effective tools to monitor the status of work in progress, including monitoring progress against the production scheduling and deadlines for any project, and easy-to-use approval stages.

Present. Distribute. Share.

edDesk looks after communication between your team and external suppliers, contributors or clients. It sends notifications and alerts via email to keep everyone on the team posted and up-to-date, including warnings for missed deadlines, key stages, required approvals and much more. It also automates the appropriate tagging, formatting and output of content to each medium for which it's intended. So you can easily post content to a Website according to predefined templates, to other systems or databases via XML, to PDF files and ebook formats, or to print through extensive integration with Adobe InDesign and Quark XPress.

Invite. Involve. Interact.

There is no easier way to generate audience response and involvement than using edDesk's interactive tools. The interactive tools make it quick and easy to add interaction over the web between you and your audiences.

The tools include all the popular features you find on content-driven websites, available as standard modules that can be easily skinned with any presentation template from edDesk, and completely customisable to your needs. They come with an easy to web-based management system that looks and feels and works just like your website, and that makes it easy to manage your customer relationships and interaction.

Modules for the edDesk interactive tools include:

email a friend

print friendly formatting

interactive web feedback

newsletter subscriptions and mailing list management

site registration and subscriber only content

resource reservations

event calendars

surveys, polls and questionnaires

Product orders and shopping cart

... and much more

Benefits. Solutions. Editions.

Whether you publish professionally, commercially or for the community, edDesk can save you time, money, and heartache. The more audiences and output media with which you have to deal, the greater the benefit you'll derive from using edDesk.

edDesk has been designed by media professionals to make it easier for anyone to create and share information.

Whether your team is one person, or one thousand, edDesk can ease the deadline scramble, lose the lost copy shuffle, and terminate the two finger tango for ever!

We have editions of edDesk customised for:

magazine publishing

web publishing

print newsletters

email newsletters


book publishers

... and many other types of professional publishing operations.

And we have editions customised for corporate and public sector communications including:





public relations


Unique. Affordable. Plays Nice.

edDesk is unique because it is built specifically for people who need to write, edit and produce content by people who understand media. It's designed from the ground up to work across multiple media - especially print, Web and XML - and has a pricing and support approach geared towards small to medium businesses on tight budgets who need immediate results and proven solutions. Above all, edDesk is designed to work in a world of open standards, based on XML from first principles, and built to integrate with other popular tools, such as Word, Quark, InDesign and .Net and J2EE development environments.